Attend Cna Classes For Free

For some people, the cost of attending CNA classes can prevent them from following the career path that they want. The cost of classes is perceived to be an obstacle and for some they dismiss the idea of becoming a CNA because in order to earn money from being a CNA, first of all you need to pay for the relevant training. I would argue that your CNA training should be considered an 'investment', though I am aware that some people simply aren't willing to part with their money with no guarantees.

So, where do you find free CNA courses?

What I consider to be the best idea is to enquire at local healthcare providers in your area - this is basically hospitals, care homes and the like. You're looking for places that need CNAs - of which there are many. There's a general consensus that there is not enough CNAs currently and this means these organisations are desperate to help any aspiring CNA to fulfil their ambition. These organisations are often will to pay for you to attend CNA classes, though often in return you have to commit to working for the organisation for a specified number of months.

Other avenues you can explore are should you are aged 16-24, and have no income, you can receive CNA training through Jopb Corp at 1800 733 JOBS. It is also worthy of note that if you are disabled then you qualify for this irrespective of you age.

You should also consider the City of Phoenix Workforce Connection if you are person on low income. It offers 5 week courses and your local DES office

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