Galileo Galilei Biography

One of the most well known and influential individuals in the scientific realm to ever live goes by the name of Galileo Galilei. Many have heard of him, but few actually have a detailed knowledge of his life and accomplishments.

Most consider this man to be one of the most important scientists in history. Many aspects of his life have taken on epic proportions. The contributions he made to the world of science are still revered to this day. He would go on to play a major role in the scientific revolution.

Born in Pisa, Italy on February 15, 1564, he was the son of a famous lutenist and musical theorist. A deeply religious individual, he spent his life as a devout Catholic. After considering a career in the priesthood, he eventually enrolled at the University of Pisa at his father's urging.

Originally enrolling to study medicine Galileo soon decided to pursue mathematics instead. This decision would impact the world of science. Many of the most prominent scientists of our time cite his work involving natural sciences and the scientific method as some of the most important of all time.

Most are familiar with his role involving the Catholic Church. His support of the heliocentric theory that the Earth revolves around the sun was thought to contradict scripture. He was put on trial for his views. Many of his work and teaching were banned and he was put under house arrest. This incident has taken on somewhat legendary proportions, though most are misinformed of the events, as they are surrounded by myth and legend.

While under house arrest Galileo continued to write and explore the passions he had developed. It was during this time that the book Two New Sciences was written. This book is now considered a classic, highly praised by the likes of Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. In 1992 the Catholic Church expressed their regret at the condemnation of this great scientist.

This very popular and influential individual would pass away of natural causes in 1642. His legacy has left many contributions to his passions. Galileo has garnered titles such as "The Father of Science ", Father of modern physics ",and the "Father of Observational science." His contributions to physics, the scientific method, astronomy, and kinematics completely revolutionized many scientific arenas. Galileo is also known for making significant improvements to scientific instruments, including the telescope.

By: Blair Levi

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